Do you ever stay up all night replaying the mistakes you’ve made or could possibly make? How about struggle over deciding between seemingly identical outfits to wear? GREMLIN GIRL can relate. Gremlin Girl is a brand new animated web series about our inner critic who is often difficult to shut off. The show follows Franny, an independent, seemingly confident woman, and Gremlin Girl, the adorable manifestation of her anxieties. From stressing about the enduring consequences of adding avocado to your sandwich to worrying if you’re doing enough to save the polar ice caps, Gremlin Girl is a comedic take on all the ways we’re affected by our neuroses daily.

There will be 13 deliciously neurotic episodes in the first season. Check out the latest episode HERE.

Gremlin Girl has been a labor of love for creators Emily Rifkin (Disney TV Animation) and Rebecca Warm (Groundlings, TruTV, Barbie Live!) This show is their very personal way of hoping to connect with everyone out there who sometimes feels a little bit…in their heads. Gremlin Girl shines a light on the gremliney critical voice we all have and aims to use humor to demonstrate how anxiety can impact us.

Check out their youtube channel! For more info on the show, visit :


Goodnight Gremlin Girl


Goodnight Gremlin Girl


When you want to get some sleep, but your Gremlin Girl wants to party!

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