First it is essential to understand that increasing your intelligence is quite simple when you use all of the tools and techniques at your disposal. Most people in the world do not know the following tools or techniques, so they have never used them and thusly their intelligence has not increased as much as it could. By applying these five simple tools and techniques, you can and will notice a difference in your cognitive function, your memory retention and your ability to easily grasp novel concepts.

The first tool you can use to increase your intelligence is food containing nootropic vitamins. Nootropics are vitamins in food that actually stimulate the growth of new neurons in the brain, a process called neurogenesis. According to an article on, foods such as lion’s mane mushrooms, artichokes, blackberries, walnuts, and spinach are all known to have nootropic vitamins. Ingesting these foods on a daily basis not only leads to neuron production, but these foods also result in more dense connectivity between neurons in the brain. The more our neurons communicate, the more seemingly unrelated information begins to become correlated and integrated into a deeper comprehension of the subjects we are learning.

Super foods are another food-tool used by the most intelligent people in society. They use these foods because your brain can not function properly if it does not have the proper amount of nutrients. In many cases people have a hard time concentrating and retaining memories because they are nutrient deficient. This is because most people’s diets in our modern industrial world are full of preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors and other chemicals which dull thinking and increase lethargy. In an article on it is explained that by eating foods like broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, acorn squash, turmeric, green tea and dark chocolate, you can supply your brain with the nutrients it needs in order to function at optimum efficiency on a regular basis.

The third food-tool used for increasing your intelligence is the incorporation of ginger or ginger tea into your diet. Consuming ginger is a sure way to ensure the nutrients from the super foods and the nootropics you consume get to your brain quickly and easily. Ginger is clinically proven to increase circulation to the brain and according to it also improves the process of neurogenesis in the brain. In other words ginger not only helps to maintain your health and circulation, it also aids in stabilizing the structural integrity of your neuro-net as it grows and thusly it amplifies the use of the super foods and nootropics in your brain.

Once the proper food-tools, nutrients, vitamins and catalysts have been ingested, it is time to put these tools to use by incorporating the proper techniques and mental exercises to stimulate mental growth. By learning something new everyday (even if it is something small and seemingly insignificant) we stimulate our growing neuro-net’s capability to process new information. The use of the brain and its ability to grow each and every day is not only a sure way to increase your intelligence, but it is also a fundamental aspect to longevity as well. Simply by reading an informative article, watching an educative video or listening to an enlightening lecture, you can increase your neuro-activity, boost neurogenesis and ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The final technique to incorporate into this conceptual cocktail of cognitive escalation is the use of both hemispheres of the brain. Playing tennis with the hemispheres of your brain is the final technique to dramatically increase your intelligence. If you have exercised one hemisphere of the brain by reading a book, give it a break and exercise the other by drawing a picture. When both of the hemispheres of the brain are used on a regular basis the connection between the abstract and rational portions of the mind become more cohesive. This allows you to find an abstract solution for problems which the rational portion of your brain is unable and vice versa. This balanced perspective will increase in your brain’s calculating capabilities and comprehensive capacity; especially when combined with the food-tools and nootropic vitamins listed above.

In conclusion, when you ingest the proper foods, vitamins and nootropic nutrients which facilitate neurogenesis in the brain, aid in the stabilizing of neurological structures, and increase the brain’s capacity for memory retention, you allow the brain to grow physically. If you then incorporate the use of techniques which allow the brain’s memory retention and neuro-connectivity to increase, and facilitate the growth of both hemispheres of the brain, you will inevitably increase your intelligence dramatically! For as your brain tissue grows and the neuro-connectivity increases, the information storage and cognitive capabilities of your brain will inevitably enhance as well!

Written by Jacob Angeli


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